Attorney Lisa Douglas not only understands the medical field; she worked as a nurse in the field before becoming a lawyer at the age of 40.  Lisa enjoys challenges and gets a thrill from no case or situation being the same.  Douglas chose her practice based on her passion for helping others and the ease of navigating medical cases.  “Helping people is the best part of this job”, Douglas says.  “I think that we as human beings have an innate desire to help others, and in the practice of law, that is what you do every day, all day.  It provides the greatest sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.”

Her professional goals include expanding her services, as well as expanding her impact on society.

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Costly Social Security Mistakes

Most who are applying for social security disability are so ill that they have a difficult time dealing with the mail, bills, and deadlines.  But the fact is the social security administration has very strict deadlines.  If you miss the social security administration deadlines you could lose your claim by virtue of the fact the deadline has passed.  Never ignore these important deadlines.  Read every piece of mail you receive from social security.  If you receive a denial at any stage you only have 60 days to appeal this decision or you may have to start your claim all over.

1. What Happens if You Stop Treating with Your Doctor

Many who apply for disability do not have insurance to receive treatment or the extra money to pay for treatment out of their pocket.  There are low cost and no cost clinics that can provide treatment.  Since the medical records are your evidence, without this evidence you lose.  A judge will ask if you were so sick, why did you not visit the emergency room?  Some claimants will stop treating with their doctor because they feel there is nothing more that can be done.  Your medical documentation is the evidence you must supply the judge to prove your disability claim.  Without ongoing treatment the judge will find that you must not be that sick or otherwise you would have been seeing your doctor.

2. Ignoring Mail from Social Security Administration Can Be Lethal to Your Claim

While it is understood that you do not feel well at this point and time in your life, ignoring mail from the social security administration could result in closure of your claim.  Social security has very strict deadlines.  If a letter is ignored or left unopened, you may miss your deadline and lose your claim.  Your attorney is supposed to receive a copy of the correspondence you receive from SSA, but this doesn’t always happen.  Be sure to open and read every letter.  Check with your attorney and make sure they received a copy of the same letter you received.

Pay close attention to any mail you receive from SSA.

3. Self Medicating Can Hurt Your Claim

Sometimes claimants will medicate themselves with a street drug or illegally obtained prescriptions because they are unable to afford a doctor.  This type of behavior hurts your claim tremendously.  This is illegal behavior and is likely to ensure a denial in your case.

There are free clinics that are available to assist with the medications you need.  Charity hospitals provide treatment and prescriptions to those who can’t otherwise afford it.

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