Attorney Lisa Douglas not only understands the medical field; she worked as a nurse in the field before becoming a lawyer at the age of 40.  Lisa enjoys challenges and gets a thrill from no case or situation being the same.  Douglas chose her practice based on her passion for helping others and the ease of navigating medical cases.  “Helping people is the best part of this job”, Douglas says.  “I think that we as human beings have an innate desire to help others, and in the practice of law, that is what you do every day, all day.  It provides the greatest sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.”

Her professional goals include expanding her services, as well as expanding her impact on society.




Voted Best Attorney four consecutive years in the Stephens Media NLR Times Poll.

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Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year USA.  Super Lawyer 2018 – Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine

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Unbundled legal services – A more affordable way to approach legal matters

When a client hires a lawyer, it is normally from the beginning to the end of the case. However, in today’s world, more people are representing themselves. Often it is because folks think they do not need or cannot afford a lawyer. With unbundling, a client hires the lawyer only for tasks that are agreed to in advance. For example, a lawyer could write the divorce petition and allow the party to file on his/her own; or one could hire the lawyer to review settlement agreements; or the lawyer could help complete financial documents, including complex matters such as a qualified domestic relations order. Unbundling can also be applied to other types of litigation where litigants are pro se (self-represented).

Unbundling is a method of legal service delivery in which the lawyer breaks down the tasks associated with a client’s legal matter and provides representation only pertaining to a defined portion of the client’s legal needs. The client accepts responsibility for doing the footwork (such as filing the documents at the courthouse) for the remainder of the legal matter until reaching the desired resolution. Unbundling is also referred to as limited-scope services.

The unfortunate truth is that, in this down economy, many individuals who need legal assistance are either postponing what they can, are going into the courthouse alone without any guidance, or are going online to cut and paste together their own legal documents or turning to non-lawyer legal service companies

Frequently unbundled legal services include: conducting legal research, document review, drafting contracts and agreements, drafting pleadings, briefs, declarations, or orders, ghostwriting, making limited appearances, negotiating online, dispute resolution, organizing discovery materials, preparing exhibits, providing legal guidance or opinions

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