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Why You’ll Need an Attorney After a Car Accident


A car crash in Little Rock.


The statistics for car accidents in Little Rock from 2019 were alarming. The number of fatal traffic accidents reached 32 with 45 vehicles involved in them. This resulted in 33 fatalities that involved drivers, passengers, as well as 12 pedestrians.

The city data goes to show how important road safety is. But once the inevitable has happened, you can’t reverse the damage. You will need a car accident attorney after an accident to navigate through the legal complications of settling claims.

Managing Insurance Claims

You’ll need medical attention for injuries, auto repairs for property damage and insurance coverage for other requirements. If you bypass your lawyer and directly approach the insurance provider, you might lose your chance to recover the full financial losses.

Insurance companies don’t operate on the principle of altruism; your welfare is not their priority, but profits are. You need a spokesperson to represent you during the negotiations with the insurance company and lawyers are perfect for that job.

They will:

  • Negotiate for a coverage that’s in your best interest
  • Handle the legalities and paperwork
  • Prepare a statement on your behalf and submit it wherever needed

The emergency ward of a hospital.

Prove Liability for Your Injuries

As harsh as it sounds, proving that you sustained injuries in the accident and need medical care can be tricky. Proving that it happened because of the driver’s negligence is even more challenging. Having the right to compensation is not enough; proving it to the insurance authorities is what’s needed. The parties eligible to cover for your losses will try to deflect and shift the blame. They may even hire an attorney to negotiate on their behalf.

You need to be fully prepared for what goes down and hire a lawyer to represent you. They can sift through the evidence and build the case in your favor. They might have to consult medical practitioners to get a certificate, obtain the report from the accident, and interview witnesses from the event. This is hard to manage on your own; let our car accident attorneys do it for you.

Estimate Value of Your Injuries

A lawyer will always be on your side but they won’t keep the truth from you. It’s their job to maintain complete transparency and communicate the facts upfront. They’ll estimate the real value of the damage from the accident and inform you about it. This will help you prepare for the amount of compensation to expect should you win the case. This will also give you a ballpark estimate of how your injuries are valued, so if the insurance company tries to sell a lowball settlement, you can refuse point-blank.

Law Offices of Lisa Douglas focus on auto accidents in Little Rock and our auto attorneys know how to deal with it. We offer FREE initial consultation; avail this chance to speak to our lawyers and determine whether you have a case. Call us at (501) 798-0004 for any questions.



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