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Why You Should Never Ignore Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident

Why You Should Never Ignore Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident


Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injury in the United States. While some fortunate car accident victims remain unscathed after crashes, most people are not that lucky and sustain minor to severe injuries.

But not every car accident victim injured in a crash immediately feel pain. In many instances, they fail to understand how they’re feeling. However, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be worried. Many car accident injuries surface a few hours, days, or even weeks after the crash.

Some people experience minor aches and pains after accidents but don’t seek medical attention, assuming that it’s not a big deal, which can be a huge mistake. It’s imperative to seek immediate medical treatment after an accident, regardless of the severity of your injuries.

Here are some common symptoms that you must never ignore:

Why You Should Never Ignore Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident

Common Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Headache: Head pain or dizziness could indicate head injury or concussion. In some cases, the victim may have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can have severe and long-term health consequences.

Stomach pain: It could mean something serious like internal injury or bleeding. The internal soft tissue is the most common cause of stomach aches after an accident.

Numbness: If the victim feels numbness or stinging sensations after a car crash, it could signal a herniated disk or pinched nerve. If left untreated, these conditions can cause mobility issues.

Back pain: Back pain may indicate a different kind of medical issues, including sprain, herniated disc, spinal injury, soft tissue injury, and more.

Neck pain: Neck pain is a telltale sign of whiplash. Pain that lasts longer could mean deeper wounds like facet joint injury, which can cause mobility issues and health complications.

Why You Should Never Ignore Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident

Mental health issues

Feeling anxious after an accident is common, but if a victim experiences heightened emotions and severe mental distress, it might require professional medical treatment, just like physical injuries.

Why Should You Never Ignore Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident?

Your medical records play a crucial part in your injury claim. Your car accident attorney will assess your medical records to learn about your injuries, and use them as evidence to present in the court to help you obtain rightful compensation for your pain and suffering.

Seeking immediate treatment will make it hard for the defense counsel to downplay your injuries or claim that they were not caused due to an accident. As a result, your chances of getting maximum compensation will significantly improve.

Getting timely medical attention for minor aches and pains is particularly crucial for claiming medical expenses for the injuries that didn’t surface immediately after the accident. If your injury worsens, your attorney will have solid grounds to justify your claim.

Hire an experienced car accident attorney

Insurance companies are money-making entities and always try to downplay your injuries. Insurance adjusters try to take advantage of any shred of evidence to undervalue your claim, hence you must have an experienced car accident attorney by your side.

Our attorney will know how insurance companies evaluate your claim and what actions must be taken to obtain the maximum settlement offer, Here, your medical records will play a critical factor in determining the final compensation amount.

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