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Who Can Qualify for Disability Benefits in Little Rock?


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Under the US Social Security Administration, a person is considered disabled if the following conditions hold true in their case:

  • They can’t work at their previous jobs due to a medical condition.
  • They can’t adjust to a different work due to a medical condition.
  • Their disability is expected to either result in death or last for at least a year.

If you’re deemed disabled, here are 5 steps you need to clear to qualify for disability benefits in Little Rock.

Step 1: Are You Employed?

If you’re employed in 2021 and earn over $1,310 per month, you can’t be considered disabled. However, if you aren’t working, the SSA will forward your request to the DDS (Disability Determination Services). They’ll make a decision about your disability based on the following four requirements.

Step 2: Is Your Ailment “Severe”?

Your physical condition should greatly limit your capacity to carry out essential work like standing, sitting, lifting, walking, or remembering for at least a year. If it doesn’t, you won’t be considered disabled. If you are considered disabled, the DDS will move to step 3.

A person in a wheelchair

Step 3: Is Your Illness in the List of Disabilities?

For each body’s system, the SSA keeps a directory of medical conditions that can prevent a person from carrying out a gainful activity. If your physical or mental condition isn’t present in the listings, then you won’t meet and listing and therefore won’t be considered disabled pursuant to the listings.

Note: People with conditions like pancreatic cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), and acute leukemia qualify for disability as soon as their diagnosis is verified.

Step 4: Can You Perform the Work You Could Do Previously?

In this step, the SSA determines if your health impairment(s) hinder your past work performance. If you can perform the task you previously used to do, you won’t be considered disabled. If you can’t, the SSA will move to the last step.

Step 5: Can You Perform Any Other Work?

If you fail to perform the work you did prior to your medical condition, the SSA will see if there’s any work-related task you can perform with your impairment. In this, the SSA will consider your work experience, age, education, medical condition, and transferable skill that you might possess. If you can perform any other work, you won’t qualify for disability benefits.

Hire a Social Security Attorney in Little Rock

Navigating the SSA isn’t easy. Therefore, at the Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, can help you navigate the system and improve your chances of qualifying for social security disability benefits due to your life altering disability. Legal services also include product liability, car accidents, criminal defense, and more. Contact Law Offices of Lisa Douglas today.


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