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Where do Most Car Accidents Occur?

Whether you own a vehicle or take a bus or train to commute, you may already know car accidents are quite common, and in some situations, unavoidable. Strictly following traffic rules and laws, making repairs, and getting regular inspections are great ways of mitigating the risk of accidents. But not all of us are responsible when it comes to car maintenance and driving on the road. In a majority of the cases in the United States, there is a negligent driver involved in the accident whose carelessness resulted in a collision as a car accident lawyer Delray Beach FL relies on can attest.
If you are wondering where most of such collisions take place, you will be surprised to learn about the following three common areas:

    Near Home
Neighborhoods are the most common areas where a car accident is likely to happen. According to a survey performed by an insurance company, more than 50 percent of car accidents happen within five miles of a driver’s house.
It is easy for a driver to become relaxed when they are off the busy freeway and nearing their home, getting a false sense of security. During this time, they are likely to be easily distracted and crash into a car while turning or pulling out from a driveway. Typical neighborhood collisions include sideswiping a car to avoid hitting pedestrians or bicyclists, crashing into parked cars or trees, and backing out of a driveway.

    Parking Lots
The second most common location for car accidents is a parking lot. This type of accidents often happens when two cars are parked back to back and the drivers back out their cars out at the same time. It may also occur when two drivers are backing out from adjacent spots, but in the opposite direction, resulting in a collision. When a parking lot is densely packed or too small, drivers of larger vehicles may find it difficult to maneuver around tight corners, increasing the risk of swiping the side of another car.
However, since collisions usually happen at a slow speed, there may be only minor or no damage or injury to the vehicles or drivers/pedestrians.

    Metropolitan Areas
Big cities are the third most likely area where the risk of an accident is high. Traffic signals often encourage drivers to relax and take their eyes off the road, eat and drink, spend time on smartphones, and even doze off while driving. Many drivers use traffic jams as an opportunity to multitask, such as check emails or social media notifications, reply to text messages, engage in personal grooming, and even reading a newspaper. Because of such distractions, pedestrian accidents, collisions, and fender benders often take place.
Vehicle accidents occur every single day – most of them are minor where no one is harmed, while others are serious, resulting in serious injuries and even death. It is important that drivers stay alert at all times during their commute and abide by all traffic laws to ensure no gets hurt because of their carelessness or negligence.
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