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When Do You Need A Truck Accident Attorney?

A senior partner at a law firm handling a truck accident case.

Shipments are a crucial part of running a successful business. Whether it’s a food business, shipment service, or haulage business, each sector requires truck deliveries. This increases the need for commercial trucks and vehicles to fulfill business needs.

4.2 million commercial trailers and over 20 million smaller vehicles were manufactured in 2018. With more commercial trucks on the roads, commercial truck accident rates have gone up as well. Because of the sheer size and weight of trucks, these accidents inflict immense damage to life and property. The victims—if they survive—require prolonged medical treatments and rehabilitation to recover from the shock and injuries.

But apart from this, they also need legal aid. The cost of healthcare, rehab, and auto repairs can lead to immense financial stress. But a settlement can cover it. And a truck accident attorney can help you get one.


Investigators and forensic experts reach the site of the accident soon after it’s reported. This is a crucial time; an attorney needs to be contacted so they can extract information that can build your case. If you delay hiring one, it can hurt your chances of getting a settlement from the party at fault.

Alternatively, if you share the blame, you’ll need a competent attorney to defend your case. Even if you have to offer coverage for the cost of damages and healthcare for the victim, you don’t want them to claim a sum that’s higher than what’s fair.

Legal aid in such matters is as essential as healthcare. You need to act fast to retrieve information such as tire marks, dents and damage to vehicles involved. If you don’t, the other party can get the vehicle repaired and erase any evidence.

Legal Knowledge

If you’ve been in an accident, your initial response will probably be shock. Once you regain consciousness, the first concern is finding a doctor. Sorting out the legalities of the accident will be the least of your concerns at this point, even if it should be the first.

Going in with inexpert knowledge of the law can harm your case. You need an expert’s opinion on how to go about insurance claims, personal injury claims, or the other party’s lawyer. Lawyers are legally bound to protect your interests.

Our attorneys know the various laws and statutes pertaining to commercial truck accidents and personal injury. We can help out. Consult the lawyers at The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas in Little Rock for a free quote.

Determine Liability

The eligibility criterion for truck accident compensation is tricky. You may or may not be eligible for it even when you believe the contrary. Your attorney can tell if you can win the case straight up and elaborate your chances of winning.

Our truck accident attorney will evaluate the accident from different angles before arriving at a conclusion. Analyzing all aspects of the accident helps determine your eligibility for a settlement. Having an experienced lawyer on your case can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Are you looking for truck accident attorneys in Little Rock? Accidents can leave a lasting dent on your finances. We help compensate for some costs by fighting for a settlement on your behalf. Reach out to us for a free consultation.


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