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What Happens if Someone Dies in a Car Accident?

Have you ever been in a car accident? Fortunately, you made it out alive! But what happens when someone doesn’t?

Car accidents and other auto accidents are more common than you think. Every year, more than 38,000 people die in road accidents in the US — making them the leading cause of unnatural death in the country. That number is way higher than it should be, and it’s mostly because of the lack of attention to road safety.

Although not all car accidents occur because of someone’s negligence, most of them do. An irresponsible or unfocused driver is often behind the fatalities. So, what happens when someone dies in a car crash?

1. The Driver Might Face Criminal Charges

As mentioned before, many car accidents occur because of a negligent driver. The driver at fault may be charged with criminal offenses if the local district attorney decides that they’re culpable. This is determined by taking several factors like drunk/drugged driving, reckless driving, road safety violations, etc. into consideration. In cases where the accident was a result of natural conditions like heavy rainfall, the driver may not face any charges at all.

2. Family of the Deceased May Pursue a Lawsuit

A “wrongful death” lawsuit is filed by the family of the auto accident victim. It is filed by the victim’s close relatives who seek compensation and prosecution for the driver at fault. The lawsuit is contingent upon the belief that the negligence of the driver at fault directly led to the deceased’s death. Both parties will be represented by accident attorneys if the case goes to trial.

Wrongful death suits are often settled outside of court since both parties come to a compensatory agreement for economic and non-economic damages. There are also certain elements that the plaintiff must establish before filing the suit.

3. Insurance Companies Will Play a Part

The defendant will have to be represented by an auto accident attorney during the legal proceedings of the case. This lawyer will most likely be approached by the auto insurance company of the plaintiff. Dealing with insurance companies is something the driver at-fault’s lawyer is fully responsible to take care of. They’ll file a claim and try to negotiate an appropriate compensation amount.

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