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Passenger vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck


Large Truck Occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck


Deaths involving Large Truck Crashes

In 2016 (11% of Vehicle crash deaths)


Average Stopping Distance For a Car


Average Stopping Distance for a tractor-trailor
*source IIHS Highway Loss Data Initute 2016
*source Isaacs and Isaacs

For those who have driven about Cabot, AR then you see how frequent 18 wheel trucks can be driving on the road. A lot of accidents related fatalities on these roads are due to big commercial truckers. You want a Little Rock truck accident lawyer conversant with tort law if your relative has faced a wrongful death or you have already been suffering from the accident either directly or indirectly. So what should you expect from the law firm or the accident attorney? Here's everything you should know.

A Cabot semi truck accident lawyer is usually specialized in such a case. So a credible law office will not provide a criminal lawyer to take care of a 18 wheeler accident case. Only specialized accident lawyers will be appointed to provide legal advice.

Victims typically get compensated by insurance agencies should the reason behind the accident has been established. Truck accident attorneys know that fact and make sure the court is convinced about the reason for the accident.

The greatest trouble around truck accidents is determining who is liable. That is why you'll need an attorney. So an accident claim could take longer than expected before one is compensated. But 18 wheeler accident attorneys uses their own crew to perform the investigations. The investigations are normally speedy because they know their way around accidental injury law.

Injury attorneys understand that their task is not only limited to the courts. So they will ensure you receive the ideal medical care and have in their possession all the medical bills to have a strong claim.