Trip and Fall lawyer Little Rock, AR

A trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR can help you identify important elements in your potential premise liability claim.  Trip and fall also known as slip and fall is a premise liability that encompasses a negligence standard.  Premise liability is categorized as a personal injury case, but the elements are a little more difficult to establish. In some of the cases the property owner will be held liable and in others they will not.

In order to successfully prevail in a trip and fall case, the owner of the premises must have known about the dangerous defect or condition and failed to correct it.  In order to show this, you or your trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR must investigate and gather evidence to prove or disprove the property owner’s knowledge of this dangerous condition.  Gathering evidence means collecting pictures of the scene, talking to witnesses, obtaining witness statements, and researching if any other person experienced a trip and fall because of this dangerous condition.

If the dangerous condition or defect is a condition that recently occurred and the property owner was unaware, then it will be more difficult to prove negligence.  A trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR can assist in developing the evidence necessary to prove negligence.  Frequently this is where the theory of liability falls apart.  It will be clear if the condition existed for a period of weeks or months, but if a short period existed, the property owner can argue lack of knowledge of the condition.  A property owner cannot be held liable for failing to immediately remove a slippery substance.

There are other contributory factors that must be considered in a trip and fall case, such as did you do anything to contribute to your trip and fall?  A trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR will question you about your foot wear and your behavior immediately prior to the accident.  Wearing flip flops or high heels can cause you to trip and fall easier than if you were wearing rubber soled form fitting shoes.  These small details will be considered in an effort to determine liability.

Trip and fall injuries can be very serious injuries.  Injuries to the spine, neck or hip can result from a trip and fall accident.  These types of injuries can result in life long pain or complications.  It is this reason that evidence should be collected from the very beginning and medical treatment should be immediately sought.  It will be too late to wait until after recovery to try and make a claim for your trip and fall injuries.  The dangerous condition may have been corrected and memories fade, making it more difficult to prove up your evidence.  A trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR can help preserve this vital evidence.

It is the trip and fall victim who must prove the property owner had knowledge of the dangerous condition and failed to correct it.  It is this knowledge and failure to correct that resulted in your potentially life long injuries or disability.  The law allows for money compensation in an effort to return you to the condition you were in prior to the trip and fall.  But it is you who must prove the property owner’s negligence.  A trip and fall lawyer Little Rock, AR can assist in gathering the important pieces of evidence for your claim.