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Top Reasons Why Most Social Security Disability Claims Are Denied—and How Can a Lawyer Help?

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The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program exists to pay disabled individuals if they have limited income and resources. The plan pays you and your families if you’ve worked long enough, have worked long enough, and meet the required medical criteria.

The application process is online. Once the claimant submits their application along with the required documents, the Social Security Administration reviews the case and follows up via email. The disability checklist can be found and reviewed here.

Before applying, you must also be aware of the instances where your claim might be denied.

Here are the top reasons why this might happen:

Lack of concrete medical evidence

In order to qualify for disability benefits, you need to be able to prove that you’re unable to work due to your condition. Your medical records must very clearly show how your disability is interfering with your work activity.

Here’s an example:

If you see a doctor every month for your back pain, the doctor’s prescription alone won’t help you qualify for social security disability claims. The note needs to mention that the back pain interferes with your ability to work, or else the claim might be denied.

Most applicants also assume that they’ll first apply for social security, and the social security office will then contact their healthcare provider to gather information. This is not how it works. The social security office might send you for a medical exam, but this won’t be enough to prove your disability. You still need to gather and submit all the medical documents signed by your primary care physician.

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You also need to visit your physician and discuss how your disability is affecting your ability to work. You can also get them to suggest a modified work schedule and include them in your medical files. You can also document all the work hours you missed due to your disability to include a record of the time that you’ve lost. This will further strengthen your chances of qualifying for social security.

Previous cases of denials

When a disability claim is denied, many people assume that it’s better to apply again rather than appealing a denied one. This doesn’t always work. In some cases, your claim might be denied if the officer reviews them and notices that you were denied these benefits before. This is why it might be a better option to go through the appeal process at least once before reapplying.

Your monthly income

Your claim could also be denied if you are working full-time and can sustain your livelihood well. Typically, if your income exceeds $1200 per month, there are high chances that your claim would be denied. This figure is known as ‘substantial gainful activity.’ Any income coming from your investments doesn’t count.

The Social Security Administration only approves these benefits for individuals who are genuinely needy and can’t work due to their disability. For this purpose, they’ll also consider the number of hours that you’re working.

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Incomplete claim forms

Before submitting the claim forms, you need to make sure they’re filled completely and accurately. Read them multiple times before turning them in. There are many small things that you need to take care of. The ‘i’ needs to be dotted, and every ‘t’ should be crossed. Every question on the form needs to be answered in detail and truthfully. The overall claims process is quite complicated and time-consuming. Make sure you get to it when you’re completely unoccupied.

Don’t skip any questions. This could be detrimental to your claim. For every answer that you write, you need to provide relevant medical evidence. For example, if you’ve mentioned that you can’t stand for long hours, make sure there’s enough medical evidence to support it. If you don’t have proof, don’t mention it.

Failure to comply with a consultative exam

In most cases, the Social Security Administration recommends the applicant to undergo a consultative exam. These exams are carried out by third-party medical experts. If you refuse to comply or fail to show up for the appointment, your request for claims could be denied. The SSA usually sends a notification about the appointment to the applicant, which includes the time, date, and location of the exam. It’s recommended to visit the venue a day in advance to see where it is and make your transportation arrangements beforehand. The SSA won’t entertain any excuses.

Be completely honest and truthful with the healthcare provider and make sure you describe the severity of your symptoms well.

How can a lawyer help you?

Just because your disability claim has been declined doesn’t necessarily mean your condition isn’t valid. Most cases get declined because of technical errors that can be fixed. Applicants can also go through the disability appeal process. The sooner you do so, the sooner the SSA will schedule a hearing for you.

We recommend seeking help from a disability lawyer right from the beginning. A well-qualified disability attorney won’t just help you fill out the paperwork but also guide you along the way. They’ll help you gather the required medical evidence and review them to make sure that they’re in order. They’ll make sure that you don’t miss anything important and are submit everything on time.

If your claim has been denied, the attorney will be your legal representative throughout the appeal process.

If you’re looking to hire one of the best social security disability attorneys in Little Rock, AR, Lisa Douglas is your best bet. Lisa has years of experience as a social security disability lawyer in Little Rock. No matter what your legal claim is, Lisa will work out a way to maximize your chances of qualifying. Get in touch for an initial consultation.




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