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Ours is a consumer product-driven society. We have smartphones that can do almost anything. We have vehicles that drive themselves. We have medications for almost every conceivable malady.

Most of these products work great and are safe, but that’s not always the case. As a product liability lawyer Little Rock AR offers would attest, safety issues can come from the products that we trust most. Some of the most notable cases of faulty consumer products involve the largest and most well-known companies:

  • General Motors: Some of its vehicles had ignition issues that caused the vehicles to catch fire. More than a dozen people died because of the problem.
  • Dow Corning: After women filed a class-action lawsuit because the company’s silicone breast implants were rupturing, the company had to pay more than $4 billion in damages.
  • W.R. Grace Co.: The mining giant knowingly distributed asbestos-contaminated materials throughout the country. Subsequent lawsuits have resulted in the company setting aside more than $3 billion for damages.
  • Johnson & Johnson: From talc-containing body powders to metal-on-metal hip replacement devices that failed nearly half the time, the global firm has lost lawsuits totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, and there are thousands of cases still on court dockets across the country.

When a defective consumer product harms you or someone close to you, you may seek the help of a product liability lawyer Little Rock AR trusts.

Understanding Product Liability Law in Little Rock AR

Proving that a product manufacturer is legally liable for a defective product can be a complicated process, and may require the help of a knowledgeable and skilled litigator.

  • A plaintiff must show that the product was defective by design or manufacture. In other words, the product’s design made the failure possible or likely, or a flaw in the manufacturing process resulted in the failure.
  • A plaintiff must also prove that the product was being used in its designed manner. For example, in the case of Johnson & Johnson body powders, some women who have used the powders in their genital area have shown an increased occurrence of ovarian cancer. In court, plaintiffs who have sued Johnson & Johnson have submitted evidence that they used the body powders as directed by the company, and that proper use led to their cancer.
  • Finally, a plaintiff must show that the product manufacturer was aware of the problem, but took no steps to fix it, and also did not warn consumers of the defect. For example, it has been proven that tobacco companies knew for many years that smoking could cause lung cancer, but none of the companies warned smokers of the danger. However, product liability lawsuits ultimately led to the warning label that is now on every pack of cigarettes.

Filing a product liability lawsuit with the help of a top product liability lawyer Little Rock AR trusts may result in a plaintiff receiving compensation for expenses incurred (medical bills, loss of wages, etc.) and also punitive damages, which are similar to a fine for a company’s bad behavior.

As is true with many types of court cases, a product liability case may involve a jury trial. At the end of that trial, either party may decide to appeal the verdict. Those appeals could wind their way through the system and may be ongoing for several years. In some instances, the parties agree to a settlement before any trial begins.

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