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Online Social Security Hearings: What You Need to Know

two people exchanging moneySo, What Are “Online Video Hearings”?

To provide convenience and increased flexibility to the recipients, the Social Security Administration now conducts an online hearing. Representatives and claimants can attend the video hearing online from anywhere they want. They just need to have a strong internet connection. The online hearings are conducted in the same ways as the telephonic or in-person hearings. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) listens to your testimonies, asks questions if there’s a need also gives the recipients to share their concerns. This meeting is typically conducted via Microsoft Teams. If you want to participate, check out this user guide issued by the SSA.

How to Prepare for Online Hearing

First, you need to notify SSA that you want to attend an online hearing. You can either do this by calling them, completing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Hearing Agreement Form, and sending it along with a hearing notice, or by sending them a written statement including your personal information, such as your name, cell phone number, and email address. If the claimant agrees to appear, thy receive an email oh how they can appear in the meeting.

On the hearing day, you may receive a confirmation call, and if you need any technical assistance, you can ask their agent right away.

Make sure your personal computer or mobile phone is connected to a secure internet connection and properly charged. If your microphone, camera, or speakers aren’t working properly, or if you encounter any other technical issue, make sure you inform the ALJ.

If your internet connection becomes unstable during the hearing or your device becomes disconnected, try to reconnect immediately.

If the hearing isn’t continued because of a technical glitch, the ALJ can reschedule it for later.

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