Nursing Home Lawyer Little Rock, AR

Consult a nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR if your loved one has been injured in a nursing home. Making the decision to admit your loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions to make. It is not an easy choice to leave your loved one in someone else’s care. It is a nightmare to find out your loved one has been injured or killed due to the negligent handling and care of the nursing home you entrusted them to.

Signs of abuse include malnutrition, bruising, bed sores, over medication, frequent falls, poor hygiene, and unexplained injuries. A nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR can help you evaluate signs and symptoms of abuse. The elderly are so vulnerable during this time in their lives and the neglect or abuse merely compounds the situation. They become dependent upon the institution to provide adequate care and treatment, but it is up to their loved ones to monitor for signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect. Their basic rights should not be ignored merely because they must depend on others for assistance. Investigation any suspicions of abuse or neglect immediately.

One problem is the elderly’s degree of vulnerability. If their homeostasis is disrupted by infection, poor nutrition, or electrolyte imbalance it takes them much longer to bounce back and some do not. It is important to monitor for changes in behavior and demeanor in an effort to identify abuse or neglect. Consult with nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR if you suspect abuse or neglect.

Many times because our loved ones are so frail, they may become incapable of remembering the abuse or neglect in order to establish the facts. In fact it becomes easier to dismiss signs of nursing home abuse because of dementia. Therefore it is up to you to investigate and potentially prove the unthinkable, abuse or neglect.

A nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR can help you identify if profits were valued over the care of your loved one. While more nursing homes are owned by corporations, profit becomes the focus. Turning a profit can mean restricting care provided to patients or providing very little staffing to cover the needs of the patients. Restricting services or staffing, allows more profits to be placed into the hands of the corporate owner.

The children and family members must be vigilant protectors of their loved one in a nursing home. Family members should visit the nursing home frequently and establish a good rapport with the staff members. Communication is key. Keep a calendar of activities such as care plan meetings and doctor visits. Attending these will help provide insight into the care and treatment your loved one is receiving.

Nursing home abuse is categorized under medical malpractice, which is a negligence standard. If the abuse was intentional then the nursing home and the perpetrator can be prosecuted criminally. A nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR can help you identify which steps you need to take. While there are federal and state regulations that are designed to protect your loved one from abuse and neglect, it still occurs. In Arkansas the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is only two years. This is a very short time frame in which to file suit or you forever lose your right to recover.

A nursing home lawyer Little Rock, AR can evaluate your claim by identifying elements of neglect and abuse. When the time comes to admit your precious loved one into a nursing home you expect the highest standard of care for them, providing for the care that you could not provide at home. Nursing homes that are for profit entities may suffer from short staffing in an effort to boost their profits. Some nursing homes may ask you to sign an arbitration agreement prior to admitting your loved one to their facility. In Arkansas, nursing homes are not required to carry liability insurance. It is important to identify if the nursing home you choose carries insurance. If they are uninsured, you might think twice about admitting your loved one to such a facility.