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Each year millions of people in the United States need legal representation for all kinds of cases ranging from personal injury to criminal defense. However, getting quality legal representation can be difficult, with many inexperienced lawyers offering their services at exorbitant rates all over the country.

The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas offer exceptional legal representation for a variety of cases in North Little Rock. The legal system in Arkansas is quite vast and complex, and only a skilled attorney can help you navigate different legal circumstances. Lisa Douglas has years of experience navigating the legal system in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She started her career as a nurse and then trained to become a lawyer at the age of 40. Her practice is based on compassion and a passion for ensuring justice for her clients.

Practice areas in North Little Rock

Law Offices of Lisa Douglas offers their exceptional legal service in several areas of the law. These include:


Personal Injury in North Little Rock — Accidents happen all the time, and it is only fair that the negligent party be held responsible for paying compensation to the injured party for any financial and physical damages. The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, personal injury attorneys helps clients get fair compensation by negotiating their case with the insurance company or representing them in a personal injury case in front of the court of law. Whether you were in a car accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, or suffered from nursing home abuse, repetitive strain injury, or any other work-related injury, the Law Offices of Lisa Douglas can help you file a claim and ensure you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering.


Family and Divorce lawyer in North Little Rock — The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas offers excellent representation for all kinds of legal family matters, including divorce, child custody, marriage fraud, , domestic abuse, and more.


Social Security Attorney in North Little Rock —Law Offices of Lisa Douglas offers legal assistance to help you obtain compensation under the social security benefits system. We can help you throughout the process right from applying for benefits due to disability to ensuring you receive all the benefits you are eligible for.


Other areas —Law Offices of Lisa Douglas also offers representation for various other areas of the legal system, including product liability, medical malpractice, criminal defense law, and more.


Get in touch with Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, qualified and experienced lawyer in North Little rock for personalized legal services according to your needs. Offering some of the best rates for legal services in the area and working closely with each client to ensure the fair outcome of the case and client satisfaction!

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