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Myths About SSDI You Should Know

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The Social Security Disability Insurance program is designed to provide an income to disabled individuals who cannot work yet have paid taxes into the Social Security fund throughout their working years. It pays a portion of one’s wages and replaces it when one cannot work for income due to a disability.

Although many benefits from this program, it has also been the target of many myths. These myths may lead you to believe that your goal of qualifying for and obtaining SSDI is too difficult or practically impossible. This makes it tough for the folks who really could benefit from the program. Learn about some common myths in this blog.

Everyone Is Denied the First Time

One of the biggest myths is that you’re automatically denied for SSDI when you first apply. Everyone has heard numerous people receiving multiple disability denials from the SSA. It is often used as a cautionary tale to warn people that they should not expect to receive disability the first time around and that if they are denied, they should just give up. This is simply not true due to it being a policy but rather is because of mistakes in the application or insufficient medical documentation.

Appealing the Decision Doesn’t Make Sense

When you first apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and are denied, your first thought might be to submit a new application instead of appealing the denial. However, reapplying is seldom a better option than appealing. The first step in appealing the denial of social security disability is to gather information about the reasons for your application denial and rectify those reasons. Ideally get help of an experienced attorney to guide you in the appeal process.

You’ll Automatically Be Approved if Your Doctor Gives Their Seal Of Approval

Many people wrongly believe that if their doctor says you are disabled then you will get the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). In reality, your SSDI application will be evaluated by a disability examiner who will then make that decision. It is still however important to work with your doctor to gather all the required medical documentation to include in your application for the claim.

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Get an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney

If you’re dealing with an injury or disease that makes it difficult or impossible to work, then the law office of Lisa Douglas can help you better understand the finer details of the program. We ensure that your paperwork is complete and there are no errors. Lisa Douglas has a stellar record of helping people get access to the critical funds they need.

If you are looking for an experienced social security attorney in North Little Rock and Cabot, AR then reach out to her today. Check out her blog today.


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