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How To Win A Social Security Disability Appeal

Need to make a social security disability appeal? The process can be frustrating and grueling when you aren’t familiar with the process.

The following tips can help you win a social security disability claim:

1. File a Request for An Appeal On Time

Once a decision is made, you only have 60 days to submit an official appeal in writing. When you miss the 60 day period, your appeal will likely be dismissed. In the initial three levels of appeal, you’ll need to submit forms that can be found on the SSA website or the local Social Security office.

2. Submit an Appeals Letter

There’s only so much you can write on a Social Security form; there isn’t nearly enough space on the form to explain why you feel that the decision to deny your claim was wrong. A letter allows you to write freely, and make a case for yourself without any restrictions. Simply write “see attached page” on the form and attach your appeals letter.

The letter should clearly outline your issues and why you feel the decision to deny your claim was wrong.

Look through the denial letter you receive from the SSA, it will contain an “explanation of determination” or a “disability determination rationale”. This section highlights the clauses and sources used to evaluate your claim and make the decision.

To strengthen your case, add statements from medical experts, medical records and any other information that will make your case stronger.

3. Get A Detailed Statement From Your Doctor

How To Win A Social Security Disability Appeal

Attaching a statement from your doctor that explains your condition and what you can and can’t do gives your claim credibility. A doctor’s statement can be quite effective at disability hearings; a solid medical statement backed by medical evidence.

Supportive doctors don’t mind filling out the 8 page form. If you, can get your doctor to complete the SSA RFC assessment form.

4. Always Be Honest

The people sitting in social security disability offices can tell when you’re being dishonest. Whenever you appeal a case, always be honest about your limitations and the problems you have to deal with.

Don’t make the mistake of being overdramatic and exaggerating your problems and don’t be ashamed of admitting the difficulties you face due to your impairments either.

5. Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

The process of appealing a social security disability claim can be very complex, having a reliable social security lawyer by your side can make the process significantly easier. A social security disability attorney will be aware of strategies that can strengthen your claim and help you win the case.

Lisa Douglas is a social security disability attorney based in Little Rock, Arkansas who helps individuals file and win social disability claims. She’ll personally review your case and guide you through the legal procedures and formalities.

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