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How To Deal With Insurance Companies After an Accident?

How To Deal With Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Were you the victim of an auto accident?

The last thing you’d want is to deal with insurance adjusters.

However, it’s extremely important to submit a claim to the insurance company to seek damages for the losses and suffering you endured due to the accident.

Here are some tips on how to deal with insurance companies after an accident:

Insurance adjusters are not your friend

Insurance adjusters appear very approachable and friendly. You might feel very comfortable talking with them, but keep in mind that they’re not your friends. They work for insurance companies and protect their financial interests rather than yours.

Make sure you don’t provide any information that they can use against you to play down your damages or deny your claim.

Ideally, you shouldn’t talk to your insurance adjuster before calling your lawyer.

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How To Deal With Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Don’t accept a prompt settlement

Trying to negotiate with insurance adjusters without involving a lawyer is certainly not a good idea. They deal with similar claims on a regular basis and are aware of all the loopholes and technicalities.

Many often try to convince clients to sign a prompt deal and accept an inadequate amount of compensation. Make sure don’t sign on any documents otherwise you’d lose your right to file a case and pursue damages.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Having a personal injury lawyer by your side can be instrumental in your case.

From the submission of a claim to handling communication, your lawyer will take care of all the processes involved in obtaining rightful compensation for your loss and suffering.

They will file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires, gather evidence, identify witnesses, and develop a solid strategy to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your pain and anguish.

How To Deal With Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Before negotiating with the insurance company, your lawyer will identify the full extent of your damages.

From medical bills to loss of income, your attorney will make sure that you get compensated for all the trouble you had to go through.

In almost every case, a lawyer is able to secure a higher amount of compensation than offered by your adjuster.

Having a legal professional watching your back levels the playing field with the insurance companies and keeps your legal rights protected.

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