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How to Collect SSI and SSDI Simultaneously?

With skyrocketing inflation, many people with disabilities are on the brink financially. Their SSDI payments are barely enough to make ends meet. Because of this, they are curious to learn if they could start receiving supplemental security income (SSI) as well. Find out the answer in this blog.

Reasons for SSDI Payments Being So Low

For a lot of people, the SSDI benefits are quite low as they had little work history at the time they developed their disability. The low number of working years meant fewer payments accumulated into the system, meaning their SSDI payments were weak. Other people just had poor salaries to begin with, which meant the social security disability insurance payments were going to be similar. Because of this, their monthly SSDI check isn’t enough to cover their day-to-day expenses including soaring medical expenses. With living costs such as rent, mortgage, food, etc. at an all-time high, these people need SSI payments to avoid financial hardship.

How Do SSI Payments Help?

While SSDI is based on the work credits and disability of a person, SSI is a more holistic program that looks into the whole financial situation of a person such as low resources and income as well as disability and age. If you meet the medical and financial requirements of both the programs then you can get concurrent payments at the same time. The SSI payment for a couple was $1,261 in 2022 and about $841 for an individual. You can receive both payments as long as they don’t cross the SSI maximum payment threshold.

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Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice. 


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