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How Long Does A Car Accident Claim Take To Settle?

Over two million people are disabled or injured in car accidents in the United States every year. A common question that most people who have been involved in an accident ask is, “how long will our car accident claim take to settle?” This is largely due to the considerable medical expenses that can put a strain on your finances.

Naturally, these claims are not rushed, especially if the person incurs significant injuries but knowing how to proceed with your car accident claim is essential to guarantee you get an adequate settlement. Hiring an experienced lawyer is the first step to ensure your claim is successful but how long your settlement takes, however, depends on a number of factors.

Insurance Company 

Arguably, the most decisive factor that affects how long your car accident claim takes to settle is your insurance company. Some insurance providers are stringent when it comes to settlements, especially in cases where the damages are serious. These insurance companies can afford to hire expensive lawyers that drag the case on for several months.

Meanwhile, if liability is clear, most insurance companies will try and settle your claim quickly.  It is not advisable to settle before you finish treating and feel confident that you have fully recovered from the injuries you received from the car accident.

How Long Does A Car Accident Claim Take To Settle?


Car accident claims are largely dependent on how willing the concerned parties are in sharing the responsibility for the accident. If someone is fighting the evidence, claiming that they were mostly at fault for the accident, then don’t expect the case to be settled quickly.

Determining the cause of the car accident is the first step toward settling a claim. Once the investigation is complete, you’re entitled to receive a settlement after your role in the accident is evaluated. In cases where someone accepts full responsibility for the accident, settlements are usually swift.

How Long Does A Car Accident Claim Take To Settle?

The Extent of the injuries

The extent of the injuries you suffer in the accident has a massive impact on how long your claim takes to settle. In cases where the injuries aren’t severe, insurance companies are quick to expedite the case due to the low medical bills. However, in cases where the injuries are severe, insurance companies extensively evaluate the cost of medical bills, which can increase the settlement time

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