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How Does Drug Addiction Affect Your Claim For Social Security Disability

An Addict Lights Up A Cigarette

While the law itself is a simple enough piece of text for those who commit their lives to study it, anyone closely involved knows that it’s a profound piece of literature. There are principles and ideas captured in the law that require a close eye for detail and the ability to abstract from it in ways that are beneficial to society. Even two different people with the same exact legal circumstances could be delivered vastly different judgments simply based on the situations that unfold during a court hearing.

These considerations only highlight the importance of hiring a great attorney for your legal disputes, irrespective of where they arise. Since personal injury lawyers, social security disability lawyers, and other legal specialists have dedicated their lives to ensure that the law is upheld—these are the people who know best. Nowhere is their expertise required than social security disability claims—particularly, when the applicant is a drug addict. Cases like this give us an opportunity to understand the subtleties of legality and define situations where you must absolutely hire a professional social security disability lawyer.

Lawyer Discussing Social Security Disability Law Suit With Client

When Can You Receive Benefits Despite Addiction?

When you apply for disability benefits, the underlying principle is that you are not responsible for the circumstances that led to the disability.

Currently, it’s not possible to receive disability benefits if the addiction caused the disability, or if you are just addicted. The simple reason for that is that the SSA may say that you acquired the disability because of your addiction, and the circumstances do not qualify as a valid need for disbursing disability payments.

However, if it is deemed that your addiction is immaterial to your disability, you can receive disability payments. The questions is, how do you prove that your addiction or past brushes with addictive behavior had nothing to do with you current disability?

The answer: work with someone like Attorney Lisa Douglas for your disability claims. Lisa Douglas has years of experience helping her clients successfully apply and dispute their disability claims. In addition to her services as a professional social security disability lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas, she also serves as a personal injury lawyer, product liability lawyer, and a legal advisor for other forms of civil and criminal litigation. Get in touch with her offices today to set up an appointment for your legal disputes.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this website is provided for general informational purposes and may not be reflective of the current law in your state/city/jurisdiction. No information contained in this website should be construed as legal advice from Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, nor is it intended to be a substitute for legal counsel.  You should seek the appropriate legal or other professional advice from a lawyer licensed in your state, country, or other licensing jurisdiction.

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