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How Can Medical Insurance Help People with Disabilities?

Living with disabilities can impact your daily life as people often suffer from cognition, mobility, visual, and hearing impairment.

The state has devised several initiatives to help people with disabilities. However, these programs have enjoyed limited success. Arguably the most effective measure was the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. However, while the civil act protects the rights of disabled Americans and prevents discrimination in public and the workplace, there are still numerous problems that need immediate rectification.

State Initiatives for People with Disabilities

The US government has designed programs to help people with disabilities. For instance, the Social Security Administration runs two programs to help provide benefits to disabled people. These programs are the Supplementary Security Income (SSI) and the Social Security Disabled Income (SSDI). The Social Security Administration uses these programs to provide financial support to people with disabilities. In addition, these programs are also coupled with medical insurance to help people with disabilities obtain the medical treatments they require.

Medicare and Medicaid

To obtain access to either Medicare or Medicaid, you need to register in one of SSA’s programs. Before registering, we recommend seeking the counsel of a disability lawyer. Many people often confuse the SSI and SSDI programs because of their similar initials and overlapping objectives. However, if you want to maximize the benefits you receive, you’ll require an expert to assess your case and determine the ideal program for you. We recommend scheduling an appointment with a social security lawyer.

Joining the SSI program makes you eligible for Medicaid benefits. Many people choose to opt for the SSI program due to the comprehensive coverage Medicaid provides. Medicaid is a joint program between the federal and state governments designed to help low-income beneficiaries meet their medical needs.

A survey from November 2020 shows that there are over 72 million currently enrolled in the Medicaid program.

On the other hand, people with disabilities enrolled in the SSDI program receive access to Medicare. Medicare is a federal healthcare program catering to people over 65. Unlike Medicaid, enrolling in the Medicare program doesn’t require an assessment of your income. The program offers coverage for most medical procedures but doesn’t cover items such as prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, and hearing care. The lack of coverage for some of these care programs and procedures makes Medicare an incomplete solution. Many people often opt for Medicare Advantage, an added insurance option for Medicare beneficiaries. You can purchase Medicare advantage through private companies to fill the gaps in your Original Medicare coverage.

However, people with disabilities often require care for hearing or vision, making Medicaid the most effective choice.

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The Best Lawyers in Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re considering signing up for a benefits program or thinking about acquiring medical insurance privately, we recommend you consult a social security attorney.

Moreover, if you feel the SSA has wrongly denied social security, consider seeking help from the law offices of Lisa Douglas in Little Rock, Arkansas. We house the best social security disability lawyers in Little Rock, and our team also includes injury lawyers, car accident lawyers, and criminal attorneys.

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