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Health Complication Due to Pharmaceutical drugs—Know Your Rights

Health Complication Due to Pharmaceutical drugs—Know Your Rights

Many pharmaceutical drugs are approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration for prescription on the advice of medical practitioners. But they have shown side-effects in some cases that have led to serious health complications in patients.

This is the responsibility of pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare regulators to ensure that no such drugs are circulated in markets. It’s important to view the benefits of a particular formula against health risks that it poses.

Moreover, it’s the right of every patient to know about these side effects before ingesting such drugs. Be it taking prescription medicines as per the advised dosage or undergoing surgery, patients should know the full potential of the medical implants they’re taking or being given.

The FDA has a database of all potential adverse events that jeopardize a patient’s life and violate their rights. But it’s always better to know your full rights.

Negligence of Pharmaceuticals

In a competition to reach the top, pharmaceutical companies may often neglect the ethical responsibility of manufacturing safe products. In a bid to make their product more effective, they may overlook certain side-effects on patients.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is in business to reap profits. It’s expected to reach a net worth of $1170 billion in 2021. But even the most lucrative business measures can violate the rights of an individual. The loss of human lives is not worth any score of revenues and Law Offices of Lisa Douglas makes sure the injured victim  is given the justice they deserve.

Health Complication Due to Pharmaceutical drugs—Know Your Rights

The Rights of Patients

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are under the obligation to produce and distribute medically safe products. In case of an adverse event, it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer to alert medical authorities, administering those drugs to their patients. Patients who have suffered side-effects or endured health complications due to drugs can make a claim.

If the issue isn’t addressed properly, you can also take the matter to court and seek compensation for your injuries. This includes reduced earnings due to inability to work, emotional stress, medical bills, and pain.

No matter how strong your case is, you need an experienced attorney to represent you.

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