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Sometimes, happily ever after doesn’t last “ever after.” Unfortunately, marriages can end in divorce, and frequently do. According to statistics, Arkansas has one of the highest rates of divorce in the nation, despite the fact that getting a divorce in the state isn’t as easy as it might be elsewhere. If you are considering a divorce, consult a leading divorce lawyer Little Rock AR trusts.

Arkansas is not a no-fault divorce state, meaning that there must be grounds for the divorce. In some states, married couples can get a divorce without providing a reason, but this is not the case in Arkansas. The state recognizes adultery as grounds, and also recognizes separation.

Understanding Divorce Law in Little Rock, AR

To file for divorce in Arkansas, you must:

  • Have lived in the state for 60 days before filing.
  • State the grounds for the proceeding. If separation is the grounds, the separation period must have been at least 18 months. The grounds for the divorce must have occurred within the past five years.

If your spouse does not want to divorce, you must prove the grounds in court. You may have witnesses testify, or provide an affidavit to your contentions.
To begin divorce proceedings, you must file notice with the court, and you must also serve the defendant with the notice. A leading divorce lawyer Little Rock AR respects may help you to better understand how the notice process works. The defendant has 30 days to respond to the notice. If he or she does not do so, the court may grant the divorce at that time.

In some cases, the parties can agree on many of the issues involved on their own. However, if they cannot agree, the judge will make decisions. Aspects of the marriage that judges often decide include:

  • How will custody of any children work?
  • Where will the children live?
  • How often and for how long will the children be able to visit the parent who does not live with them?
  • Will the children be allowed to move out of state?
  • Who will pay for medical or other expenses for the children that fall outside the normal child support arrangements?
  • How will property be divided between the spouses?

Generally, child support amounts are set by existing guidelines, as a divorce lawyer Little Rock AR provides may explain. Alimony or other payments may be determined by the judge, based on need, ability to pay and/or other factors, or agreed upon by the parties.
In addition to the laws governing divorce, there is another option available under specific and limited circumstances – annulment. While a divorce ends a marriage, an annulment decrees that no marriage existed.

In Arkansas, a marriage may be annulled if one of the following conditions exists:

  • One or both of the parties were too young to legally be married.
  • One or both of the parties were mentally unable to understand and consent to the marriage.
  • One or both the parties were incapable of entering into the marriage state due to physical causes.
  • Consent to marry was obtained through fraud.
  • Consent to marry was obtained through force.

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