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Licensed as a Registered Nurse(RN) since 1986(32 years) and a licensed Arkansas Attorney since 2004(14 years), and licensed to practice law in Texas. Lisa was an instructor for the bail bond industry and a bail bondsman herself for 14 years.

Work with a compassionate professional with a wealth of working knowledge. The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas principal focus is protecting the injured, neglected, and abused. Help to right an injustice, and support your recovery moving forward with your lives journey.

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Are you struggling to carry out the job which you formerly did or perform any other occupation?


Have you been given treatment your healthcare professional perscribed and then followed your medical doctor's guidelines.

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Knowledge and expertise of disability laws and appeals involve a lot of rules and regulations. Lisa has extensive years of study and real life experiences can handle the social security administration and the courts in due diligence. Besides, she knows the required steps to win injuries claim case plus an appeal. Pflugerville Disability Law Firm

Retirement benefits

People who have worked in “covered employment” for some years (not less than ten in a nongovernmental employment) could qualify for retirement benefits once they retire at the age of 62. Since you may claim the benefits after acquiring these years, waiting for your complete retirement has luring benefits. Correspondingly, your sum will wind up being decreased forever by a specific percent should your claim was made in advance of hitting the total age of retirement. Note- The actual age of retirement varies from 65 to 67 subject to your year of birth.

The social security child’s insurance benefits

Federally funded and handled through the American Social security administration, these benefits are for small children whose mother or father(s) are retired, impaired, or passed away. Kids can get the benefits if they is an adopted, biological or even a stepchild. Yet, youngsters have been looked at as defenseless and sure to miss out on these particular benefits. When this happens, a social security disability attorney Alexander, AR is surely an indispensible benefit for reputable guidance and representation.

Dependents benefits

If you’re the spouse of a disabled or retired laborer who's qualified for social security benefits, both you and your minors are entitled to this sort of benefits. While getting these benefits does not depend upon regardless of whether you rely on the worker for help or not, you're going to be required to present and establish the person's incomes record.

Supplemental social security income (SSSI)

Financially challenged and disabled people will get SSSI. This type of benefit is stringently need-based, and there is no demand of having worked in the past. However, to generally be eligible, you will have to fall within particular salary as well as asset limits. Your social disability attorney can assist you take a look at you assets and revenue as well as help you on the way ahead while claiming these benefits.

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Every case is not the same and choosing your next step while seeking your social security benefits could be hard. Lisa Douglas will help you figure out and fight for the ideal social security disability benefits that you need to be collecting. Furthermore, Lisa offers intensive experience to put together and present an appeal for a denial of your benefits.

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3 Costly Social Security Blunders to Keep clear of

Social Security offers crucial benefits to countless potential retirees, a lot of whom wouldn't be able to pay their living expenses or set food on the table without it. In reality, an average recipient gets a miniscule $1,360 in monthly benefits, which is barely enough for even the modest lifestyle. Thus, if you are searching to get more income from Social Security, here’re some things to stay away from.

Claiming Social Security Too Early

An harmful error happens when we join the frequent misconception that Social Security is running bankrupt. For that reason, you claim your benefits when you turn 62, which is earliest age with the lowest monthly benefit. Waiting around for the full age of retirement of 66 can extensively increase your monthly retirement benefit. You will get an additional 8% in delayed retirement credits for each year you’ll delay until you turn 70.

Unfamiliar with Social Security Spousal Benefit

If you organize the claiming of your Social Security benefits as a couple, you’re likely to get more than if you make your own individual choice. Based on your age difference, benefit amounts, and whether you were born on January 1, 1954, or earlier, you could be able to claim spousal benefits, as you let your benefits to carry on growing, and vice-versa.

Failure to Report Income Correctly

Self-employed individuals tend to under-report their taxable income which is used for Social Security calculation. They also use their tax deduction to lessen their taxed earnings. However, this comes heavily on them when in dire need of Social Security benefit. Many reach retirement age with little or no savings, minimized Social Security benefits, thus being required to keep working without end.

In addtion, here's what you can do to increase your social security benefits:

Work for at least 35 years

Wait for full retirement age to claim Social Security

Take a second job in lieu of getting early retirement benefits

Clear debt

Claim spousal benefits two times - retired partners can claim spousal benefits, then later ask for payments based on their individual work records. Take advantage of online tools to find out your best options.

Claiming your Social Security benefits at the wrong age will set you back a lot of money. However, looking into it right and fully maximizing your benefits is a smart bet that will allow you and your spouse to retire in fashion.