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Licensed as a Registered Nurse(RN) since 1986(32 years) and a licensed Arkansas Attorney since 2004(14 years), and licensed to practice law in Texas. Lisa was an instructor for the bail bond industry and a bail bondsman herself for 14 years.

Work with a compassionate professional with a wealth of working knowledge. The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas principal focus is protecting the injured, neglected, and abused. Help to right an injustice, and support your recovery moving forward with your lives journey.

Lisa Douglas has been voted The Best Attorney in the Stephens Media 6 years in a row. North Little Rock Times Poll recognized Lisa's firm as one of America’s fastest growing for her innovation, operational perfection, and a devotion to client service.

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Nurse / Attorney

I might be the Disability Law attorney Cedar Park for you. When you can answer yes to the following questions.


Are you not able to perform the job 8 hrs on a daily basis, 5 days every week, due to your disabilities?


Is your illness crippling?

Previous Work

Are you struggling to carry out the job which you formerly did or perform any other occupation?


Have you been given treatment your healthcare professional perscribed and then followed your medical doctor's guidelines.

Family Saftey Cedar park Disability Law Attorney

Knowledge and expertise of disability laws and appeals involve several rules and regulations. Lisa has extensive years of study and real life experiences can handle the social security administration and the courts in due diligence. Besides, she knows what must be done to win injuries claim case as well as an appeal. Cedar park Disability Law Attorney

Retirement benefits

People that have worked in “covered employment” for some years (as a minimum ten in a nongovernmental position) might qualify for retirement benefits when they retire at the age 62. Although you may claim the benefits following attaining these years, anticipating your final retirement has desirable rewards. Correspondingly, your sum of money will end up dropped for good by a certain percent if your claim is completed just before getting to the full retirement age. Note- The maximum the age of retirement varies from 65 to 67 based upon your year of birth.

The social security child’s insurance benefits

Federally funded as well as maintained through the American Social security administration, these benefits are for small children whose mother or father(s) are retired, impaired, or passed. Children can acquire the benefits if they is truly an adopted, biological or even a stepchild. Although, youngsters have been deemed as vulnerable and sure to fail to spot these types of benefits. In such cases, a social security disability attorney Alexander, AR can be an invaluable asset for professional advice along with representation.

Dependents benefits

If you’re the spouse of a disabled or retired individual that is qualified to receive social security benefits, both you and your children are entitled to these types of benefits. While getting these benefits truly does not rely on whether you depend on the worker for support or not, you're going to be required to present plus validate the individual's salary report.

Supplemental social security income (SSSI)

Financially challenged and disabled individuals will get SSSI. This particular benefit is strictly need-based, and there is no precondition of having worked previously. Yet, to be eligible, you have to fall within particular salary and asset limits. A good social disability attorney can help you check you assets and earnings as well as help you in the process onward when claiming these benefits.

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Every case is unique and selecting your next move while trying to get your social security benefits can be difficult. Lisa Douglas will assist you to fully understand and fight for the ideal social security disability benefits that you need to be receiving. Besides, Lisa offers extensive experience to organize and present an appeal for any rejection of your benefits.

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