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Disability Benefits for Your Spouse

The onset of disability creates not only challenges for the person themselves but also their spouse. Taking care of their disabled spouse can put a mental and emotional strain on the partner. With how high inflation is currently, financial anxiety can jeopardize your marriage and put it at risk of divorce. Learn how social security spouse’s insurance benefits can provide relief to the person whom you hold dear.

Eligibility Criteria

Social security spouse’s insurance benefit is payable to the spouse of a retired or disabled worker based on the income the person with a disability had during their working years. The spouse must have reached the age of 62 or 60 if they are taking care of the disabled person’s child who either has a   disability themselves or under the age of 16. Spouses that have been married for at least a year are eligible for the benefits as well as divorced spouses who had been with the person for at least 10 years.

Amount of Disability Benefits

A spouse will receive around 50% of their wife or husband’s monthly SSDI check. The amount will be reduced if the children of the person with the disability also collect benefits. On the other hand, the benefits of a surviving spouse will vary between 75% and 100% of the worker’s monthly amount.

Documents to Submit

To start receiving the benefits, you need to provide SSA with documentation such as the social security number of your disabled husband or wife as well as yourself. You would also need to submit your marriage and birth certificate. If your spouse has died, then a death certificate will also need to be submitted.

person in a wheelchair.

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