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Construction Zone Car Accidents — Who Is Responsible?

A routine drive can abruptly turn into a hazardous situation when you come upon a construction zone. Expressways, highways, and major traffic areas regularly undergo construction for either repairs or upgrades. Due to the addition of construction cones, construction material and machinery, traffic congestion, and other hurdles on the road caused by the construction, the roadways become more dangerous, increasing the chances of accidents. The danger increases exponentially when construction zones are faced with poor weather conditions that cause the roads to become slippery and reduce drivers’ visibility.

Construction Zone Car Accidents — Who Is Responsible?

Construction Zone Accidents Statistical Data

According to the latest statistics, construction zones are associated with a higher number of collisions and crashes due to the additional hazards. Each year thousands of accidents occur caused by obstacles on the roadways that can cause confusion and frustration among the drivers. Since 2011, more than 4,000 traffic accidents have been reported around construction areas. Over 1,500 people have been injured due to these accidents, and an estimated 20 people have lost their lives.

Increased Risks in Construction Zones

Constructions zones always have additional risks, whether the workers are present or not. Even with proper warning signs, the chances of an accident are higher. Common factors that cause accidents in construction zones include:

  • An abrupt change in the acceptable speed limit
  • Reduced or narrowed lanes that can cause a sudden change in the traffic patterns
  • Unclear signs that specify a detour or change in traffic flow
  • Workers moving machinery or equipment and entering the road suddenly
  • Driver confusion caused by the changing traffic flow

Construction Zone Car Accidents — Who Is Responsible?

Who Is Liable for A Construction Zone Accident in Arkansas?

Determining the liability for a construction zone crash can be tricky. There is no specific rule for identifying the at-fault party for a construction zone accident. As with any other auto accident, the liability is determined by identifying the negligent party and holding them accountable for the damages caused by their actions.

One of the most common factors that complicate the issue of determining liability at a construction zone is the number of parties involved.

  • Was there any debris left in the middle of the road by the workers?
  • Did the civil engineers and municipality fail to program the signal properly?

By answering these questions, the liable party can be identified whether it’s the government or the construction company or the municipality.

If the crash involved several cars but was initiated by a single driver’s recklessness, then that driver can be held responsible for all the damages.

An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help!

Each auto accident calls for a complete and detailed assessment of the situation to prove who is at fault.

The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, Inc. have dealt with numerous cases involving car accidents in construction zones in Little Rock, Arkansas. We can help you prove the negligence of other parties and get you fair compensation for any damage or injuries that have occurred because of the auto accident.

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