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Social Security Disability
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Seeking help from a social security disability attorney significantly increases your chances of getting approved for disability benefits. Being represented by the right legal counsel is always better than not having one. Right from the initial application to the administrative hearing—an attorney understands how to go about the case in the best possible way. After...
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While the law itself is a simple enough piece of text for those who commit their lives to study it, anyone closely involved knows that it’s a profound piece of literature. There are principles and ideas captured in the law that require a close eye for detail and the ability to abstract from it in...
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It’s ironic that even though the Social Security Disability Law was created to make lives easier for the disabled, the bureaucratic red tape makes the application really difficult. While it’s simple enough to apply for benefits, you have to go through several application procedures before the state offers you payments based on your disability. Given...
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The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program exists to pay disabled individuals if they have limited income and resources. The plan pays you and your families if you’ve worked long enough, have worked long enough, and meet the required medical criteria. The application process is online. Once the claimant submits their application along with the required documents,...
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Tips For Finding The Best Social Security Lawyer
If you have a Social Security dispute that you can’t resolve on your own, finding a lawyer can be the next step.
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Can Alcohol or Drug Usage Impact Your Ability to Obtain SSD Benefits?
In addition to creating financial difficulties, being disabled can take a huge physical and emotional toll on an individual. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs to relieve stress. In fact, according to the Sunrise House American Addiction Centers, there are around 4.7 million disabled American adults who have a substance use disorder. However, alcohol and...
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Can You Obtain SSDI Benefits for Mental Health Diagnoses?
In the United States, people who are unable to work because of a disability can file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits to receive monthly compensation to afford the cost of living, provided that specific conditions are met. SSD benefits are available not only to people who have physical symptoms but also extend to those...
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Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits for “Invisible Illnesses”
Just for a moment, close your eyes, and think about the term “disability.” You likely imagined a person in a wheelchair or perhaps a disabled individual with a limitation that is evident by looking at them. However, some disabilities are not visible to untrained eyes. These invisible illnesses can severely restrict a person’s ability to...
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Impact Of SSD Benefits On Worker’s Compensation
Were you involved in a workplace accident? That’s unfortunate! If you sustained injuries that prevent you from returning to work, you might be concerned and distressed about your finances. If you receive workers compensation during the pendency of your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim, the insurance company that paid your workers compensation benefits will seek...
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The Criteria for Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance
Social Security Disability Insurance is a federally-funded program (meaning that it’s not affected by local or state laws) which is administered by the SSA or the Social Security Administration. According to the Urban Institute, the program benefited approximately 9 million disabled workers in the country. That’s 6 times greater than the number of people who...
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