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Here are the types of cases that require you to seek the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Alcohol was the cause of accident deaths


Crashes with non-fatal injury



Average Number of Car Wrecks
Every Year in the US


People injured in the US every year
Due to Car Wrecks


Die in car accidents everyday!
*source Driver Knowlege

If you are seriously hurt in an automobile wreck, truck, or motor bike collision because of another person's negligence, you may be allowed compensation. Go to a physician immediately, even if you feel fine because you could have endured internal injury that may not be immediately apparent because of shock. Afterwards, contact a injury attorney. Lisa will make certain that you document everything necessary paperwork and provide you with legal advice as you move forward with your lawsuit.

When you are considering a vehicle accident within Conway, the best policy is always to speak to a car accident attorney before talking to your insurance company. Knowing your legal rights and awareness of the damage, you might be eligible to pursue as a victim can make the difference between receiving that which you deserve and accepting less. Allow me to share steps you should take following a vehicle accident, Conway, AR

• Pull over whenever possible. If it is not feasible, stay in your vehicle with the seatbelt fastened.

• Evaluate if there are injuries and, if at all possible, call 911.

• Get facts on the other vehicle driver, witnesses, and anyone in the car. Additionally, never confess to any negligence, although you may were wrong. It could possibly back you into a legal corner.

• File an automobile accident report with the cops and speak with them whenever they show up. Stick to the facts - leave your opinion and analysis out of it. An off-hand statement could make you held liable to an incorrect degree.

• Talk your vechicle accident lawyer before you contact your insurer and if you have any injuries, even small ones. It will offer protection from the other driver’s insurance carrier and any lawful steps the motorist could take.

Need help! Call vechicle accident lawyer or attorney, Conway Upfront efforts to negotiate a case may not take into consideration all things, so a victim or a grieving family may accumulate debt, years of pain and suffering. Even so, by having an auto accident lawyer, Conway you can plan a free assessment to explore your circumstances. These lawyers collect a arranged percentage of the pay out only if you win a case. For more information or to book our services, please contact us at 501-798-0004​