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If you’re like most, it is the very first time you’ve been involved in a car accident and you have many concerns.

Auto accidents in Little Rock are not uncommon, and when you’re injured in one, you should be thinking of a lawyer as well as a doctor—because the damage done to you due to someone else’s negligence is extensive. Often, I find the questions come way too late and, consequently, the injured victim pays as a result of their lack of information. An accident injury claim demands adequate medical records. As an Arkansas car accident attorney serving the Little Rock area, I have found not enough information is one of the primary problems I come across.

If you’re involved in a car or truck wreck due to another party’s negligence, you’re entitled to legal rights that include compensation for your loss and suffering. Nevertheless, you’ll have to file a claim and deal with the insurance company, which can be challenging. Hiring an experienced auto accident attorney, Little Rock, AR, makes all the difference between receiving a reasonable compensation and claim dismissal.

Investigation and obtaining of liability evidence

A good attorney will gather all the evidence needed to prove the liability in your claim. This will involve speaking to and obtaining reports from the investigating officers and witnesses. Besides, for a successful auto personal injury case, you should have medical evidence to back your claim up. Thus, the lawyer should gather all documentation related to your injuries and analyze them to prepare your case.

Accurate estimation of your total damage

In most cases, an insurer will present an offer so as to settle your claim quickly. However, you shouldn’t accept any offers without understanding clearly the exact value of your injuries and loss. An attorney will review the facts surrounding the accident to ensure that they are reflected accurately in your claim. He or she will include factors like medical expenses, wage loss, and property damages.

Insurance Tactics

Insurance Company is not your friend. Hire a personal injury attorney today! It’s the last thing they want!


Chances are, you’re getting calls from the insurance company claims adjuster attempting to ask you some questions and obtain a taped statement from you concerning the accident. The first thing that you should never forget is that the insurance company has almost limitless means to execute its main mission: to avoid having to pay you or pay out as little as possible. As a personal injury victim don’t be bullied into thinking the insurance company adjuster is your friend!  Contact Law Offices of Lisa Douglas to schedule your free consultation with a Little Rock, AR personal injury attorney and protect your right to compensation.


The insurance company could be asking you to sign some forms so they can get your records and “handle everything for you.”  The insurance company may have already proposed you settle your personal injury claim by providing you with cash. These kinds of offers are attractive but BEWARE.  Before you decide to accept that amount of money, the insurance company will demand you to sign a release form. This form forever releases the insurance company and also the driver who caused the accident from any further obligation to you. If you have a personal injury because of a car wreck, always be absolutely certain you are finished treating before signing any forms. Physical Therapy may be prescribed for your personal injury.

File, prepare and advocate for you

If your claim goes to trial, it’s crucial to follow the strict legal requirements and take the case to court within the state’s statute of limitations. An attorney will create and file documents as well as the supporting evidence accurately and punctually to avoid any delays or mistakes. If you are required to testify, he or she will prepare you for questioning and clarify the issues to anticipate from medical exams and interviews. Furthermore, the legal counsel builds a strong case and advocates for you in court arguing all the details based on the gathered evidence.

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“Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim” written for Arkansas personal injury victims. Hopefully, you will find it will give you some valuable information to consider on your own time BEFORE you hire an attorney and BEFORE you talk to the insurance company’s adjuster.

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