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Brief Guide to Winning a Social Security Disability Appeal

Having a disability presents significant challenges. Such people are under a tremendous amount of financial and emotional stress. However, things can get a lot worse when they see their SSDI application rejected. Learn how you can win a social security disability appeal and improve your quality of life.

Appeal Fast

Time is crucial when it comes to submitting a reconsideration appeal. After you receive a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you need to submit a written appeal within 60 days. If you miss this window, then the odds of winning the appeal become very slim.

Submit the Right Paperwork

To submit a reconsideration appeal, you need to ensure it’s flawless and has all the necessary paperwork. Firstly, form SSA-561 needs to be correctly filled and submitted. You also need to include a reconsideration disability report that adds more substance to the application you submitted earlier. Furthermore, you need to permit SSA to check medical records about your case by submitting an authorization to disclose information.

Write an Effective Appeals Letter

Give a more elaborate view of how you think the SSA’s reasons for rejecting your application are not right. An effective appeal letter will have a professional tone to describe your situation. You need to convince the SSA officials why you think the reasons for the denial are unfair. Remember to proofread the letter carefully to avoid any grammar or spelling issues. Be transparent and honest about your medical condition and describe the created problems it has created for you in your day-to-day and personal life. On the SSA form, don’t forget to write ‘see the attached letter’ so that the officials don’t miss it when they are reviewing your appeal application.

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Get a Reliable Social Security Lawyer in Little Rock

Social security disability benefits can be crucial for people to get their lives back on track. If you have faced rejection, then The Law Offices of Lisa Douglas can help. Our firm has a consistent track record of helping people in Little Rock, Arkansas, get their disability claims. We help you avoid mistakes that can affect your case. Learn about our services here.

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Disclaimer: This blog is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice. 



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