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Brief Guide on Independent Medical Examination for Social Security Disability Benefits

In some cases, the Social Security Administration sends SSI and social security disability claimants to have consultative examinations. In this post, we lift the lid on what an independent medical examination entails so you don’t have to feel stressed about them.

When Do They Happen?

The Social Security Administration would set up an appointment with an independent doctor when the applicant hasn’t gotten a checkup for some time. Also, when they feel that medical records submitted to them are insufficient, they will ask the claimant to undergo a consultative examination. The examination could include screenings such as x-rays, blood work, and ophthalmological exams. After the results, a physician will access the reports and the claimant for a brief duration and give their remarks to the Social Security Administration.

Why Do They Happen?

Independent medical examinations are important to help avoid fraud and stop undeserving people from claiming SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration appoints an independent doctor who is not their employee to help verify the claims made in the SSDI application relating to their disability.

Judgments from independent medical examinations are accepted as they are third-party physicians who have credibility and will give an objective assessment without any sort of bias. That’s why all parties can rely on the authenticity of these examinations.

They also help evaluate the severity of the condition and the ability of the person to recover and get back to work again.

Don’t Miss the Appointment

If, for some reason, you end up missing the consultative exam and don’t get it rescheduled, then the odds of your application being denied are very high. If later you decide to appeal, then you might have to incur the cost of the consultative exam.

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