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Truck Accident Claims in Little Rock: Can You Get Compensated if You Didn’t Have Your Seat Belt on During the Crash?

Truck accidents can be quite devastating; even if you feel confident driving next to the heavy-duty vehicle on the road, you can never be too sure about your safety. Frequently, when a smaller vehicle collides with a truck, the result can be more gruesome than when two smaller vehicles crash. One driver’s negligence can lead […]

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How Does Having a Social Security Disability Attorney Help?

Seeking help from a social security disability attorney significantly increases your chances of getting approved for disability benefits. Being represented by the right legal counsel is always better than not having one. Right from the initial application to the administrative hearing—an attorney understands how to go about the case in the best possible way. After […]

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Why Do So Many Court Cases Settle Out of Court?

Going through the trial process is lengthy, difficult, and costly. It’s no surprise that many lawsuits end up getting settled out of court. Tort cases, like personal injury and negligence, have the highest settlement rates, along with contract cases, employee discrimination, and constitutional tort cases. A study conducted in Pennsylvania revealed that the settlement rate […]