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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Social Security Disability Hearing

How a disability case hearing goes differs from person to person. This is because everyone has a unique medical history. The approval rates in every state vary, which impact when you will receive your benefits. Arkansas National Average Application Approval Rate The Social Security Disability benefits application process has three steps: Filling out the initial application, […]


An Increase in Social Security Disability Benefits in 2023: What Does It Mean for You?

If you have a mental condition or a disabling physical problem that stops you from working, you are eligible for SSDI 2023 benefits. However, remember that SSA does not offer these benefits to people with a partial disability. The annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) protects beneficiaries from rising prices. Since January 2023, people have been collecting […]

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Brief Guide on Independent Medical Examination for Social Security Disability Benefits

In some cases, the Social Security Administration sends SSI and social security disability claimants to have consultative examinations. In this post, we lift the lid on what an independent medical examination entails so you don’t have to feel stressed about them. When Do They Happen? The Social Security Administration would set up an appointment with […]