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All You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Insurance


A disabled person on a wheelchair.


Every one in four American adults has some form of disability. This makes up about 26% of the total population which is a significant number. 2-4% of the disabled population around the world also experience trouble in functioning normally with their condition. This increases the need for medical care and that subsequently increases the medical expenses and costs of healthcare.

Not to mention, not all industries or workplaces are disability-friendly. Experiencing a disabling condition is not only emotionally traumatic but also amplifies the financial burden if you lose your job.

You can apply for social security disability insurance that offers monthly benefits. But qualifying for that can be a challenge. If you want to know how they work, read this.

What are the benefits offered

Social security benefits for the disabled are an alternative to monthly paychecks that they would have received if their condition would not have become disabling. They offer monthly payments to cover basic expenses through two programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Both programs have a strict criterion that defines disabilities but they target different niches of disabled workers. Their benefits are also different which come from various sources of funding.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

This is a safety net for those who get sick or injured due to accidents or natural causes and are unable to work. SSDI doesn’t work like an insurance company that requires premiums and then disburses a lump sum amount afterward. You pay social security taxes on your gross monthly income that accumulates in the funds for the SSDI program.

However, you will only be eligible for the SSDI benefits if your condition meets the criteria If you qualify, you’ll receive monthly payments until you hit retirement age and after that, the benefits will translate into retirement benefits.

How Much Does SSDI Pay?

The monthly payments that you get are relative to your employment history and income over the past years. This is so because your tax deductibles were also relative to your income and that determines how much funds you have at your disposal.

The retirement benefits are calculated using a formulaic method. Your average income is plugged into the calculator and the result is your monthly payment once you reach the retirement age. However, the average is calculated by looking at a 35-year subset of your work history when you earned maximum. If the disability happened before you could complete a 35-yr tenure, the SSDI uses this method:

  1. Subtract 22 from the present age e.g. 70-22=48
  2. Divide the answer by 5 and round it off to the nearest whole number (48/5 is approximately 9)
  3. Subtract the answer of 2 from the answer of 1 (48 minus 9.) This is the number of years the SSDI looks at to calculate the benefits.

Did this information help? Are you interested in qualifying for the SSDI? Navigating the Social Security Disability system is hard for the best of us. But our attorneys have managed to succeed more often than not.

Reach out to social security lawyers in Little Rock. Our consultation is FREE; avail this chance to speak to our lawyers and determine whether you have a viable claim. Call us at (501) 798-0004 for any questions.


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