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Mental Health

Research Links Metal-on-Metal Hp Replacement Systems to Mental Health Issues

The authors of a first-of-its-kind study encouraged doctors treating patients who have had hip replacement surgery involving a metal-on-metal
Metal poisoning

Depuy Hip Recall:Orthopaedic Group Urges Caution for Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement System Recipients

Depuy Hip Recall:Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement System Failures can Lead to Severe Health Issues Heavy metal poisoning isn’t something a hip replacement patient may consider a real danger, but it is.
DePuy Damages

DePuy Pinnacle Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement System Found at Fault in Texas Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay nearly a quarter-billion dollars to six plaintiffs in a so-called “bellwether” lawsuit. The case, in a Texas federal court, pitted the defendants against the company
Health Risk

MOM Link to Dementia/Heart Disease

Metal-on-metal hip replacement systems have been known to cause various problems — including painful revision surgeries and the accompanying physical rehabilitation — but researchers have recently discovered a potentially new and devastating side effects — a link between metal-on-metal hip replacement systems and dementia and heart disease.

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