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6 Qualities to Look for in the Best Disability Lawyer in Little Rock

A disable person walking using a walker

More than 40 million Americans of different age groups are currently dealing with a physical or a psychological disability. While some patients have minor symptoms, others have developed a life-long, life-threatening medical condition that prevents them from living a normal life.

Fortunately, for those who have severe medical impairments, there’s a way to seek assistance from the government. The Social Security Income, SSA and the Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI, are two programs aimed at helping disabled individuals bear their daily expenses.

SSA offers a Blue Book Listing of Impairments which contains hundreds of different medical conditions that qualify as a disability, which negatively impact the patient’s life. Therefore, if you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating, movement-repressing medical condition, you should claim SSDI benefits. The best way to go about your SSDI claim is by hiring a social security disability lawyer.

An experienced disability lawyer like Lisa Douglas in Little Rock, can help you swiftly apply for SSDI benefits that can greatly improve your quality of life.

Moreover, here are the six main qualities you must look for in a social security disability lawyer.

A personal injury handbook

1. Experience Matters

Disability lawyers must have unique and specific focus on handling social security claims.

Before hiring a disability lawyer, make sure they understand all the nitty-gritty elements of an SSDI case and can quickly advise you on various unexpected scenarios that might surface during the process.

The right disability lawyer is also someone who has handled various clients and knows how to navigate a challenging SSDI claim to increase the chances of approval.

2. Pay Close Attention to Their Practice Areas

Some lawyers are more experienced and adept at handling specific types of cases. For example, a disability attorney might also be good at Workers Compensation and Injury cases. If you come across a lawyer offering diverse set of services, check out their clients’ testimonials.

To gain a deeper insight, run a quick search query on Google. This will help you find any official or institutional reviews the lawyer might have gained.

The reason to pay close attention to practice areas is that some individual lawyers as well as firms take on SSDI cases without sufficient experience. As a result, the client bears the brunt of lack of attention and devotion from their disability lawyer and end up getting rejected by the SSA.

3. No Judgments

People often find it uncomfortable having a third person, AKA a disability lawyer, go through their medical, personal, and financial history. Therefore, when hiring a social security disability lawyer, make sure that the procedure will be free of judgments.

A good lawyer does not make personal or offending remarks. They keep things strictly professional and pay close attention to the case.

A disability lawyer’s desk with books and notebook

4. Availability

Your legal counsel must be devoted to offering you all the help you need to increase your SSDI approval chances. Many social security lawyers also work as part of a legal firm or have partners. This can lead to shorter meetings and consultation sessions because they might be dealing with many cases at a time.

We recommend you to look for a local disability lawyer who is available to deal with your queries and give timely advice. SSDI claim procedures have strict deadlines and many claimants often fail to keep up with the bills, deadlines, and the mails, which lead to immediate denial. This is where a professional disability lawyer like Lisa Douglas can help you stay put.

5. Honesty

The social security disability lawyer you’re considering to hire must be clear and direct. They shouldn’t make ambiguous, uncertain, or unrealistic claims or remarks about your SSDI case.

Instead, they should help you understand the probability of an SSDI case denial. Moreover, they should inform you about the rules and policies laid out by SSA and provide a realistic, achievable timetable to successfully navigate an SSDI claim.

6. Efficient Case Management

A highly regarded and praised social security disability lawyer has tout approval rates. And the reason behind their success is their ability to stay organized and efficient when handling disability cases.

From frequent communication and paperwork management to adequate staffing, the right social security lawyer is always on top of their case.

A disabled individual on an automatic wheelchair

Entrust Law Offices of Lisa Douglas with Your SSDI Case in Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re looking for an adept disability attorney in Little Rock, AR, contact the Law Offices of Lisa Douglas today.

Lisa Douglas brings her vast experience and expertise onto the table, enabling you to swiftly navigate your SSDI process!

Whether you want to appeal for a denied claim or start a new one, book a free consultation with Lisa Douglas now!

Disclaimer: Information in this blog is provided for general informational purposes. It may not reflect current laws in your region or state. It isn’t intended to substitute legal counsel.

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