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5 Reasons Why a Car Accident Claim is Denied

Car accidents can cause physical injuries while also leading to mental trauma such as PTSD. While monetary compensation can help people in the recovery process, it’s not always the case.

Here are some reasons why your claim may be denied and how you can appeal the decision:

1. The Accident Could Have Been Prevented

If the insurance representatives believe that you could have done something to stop the accident from happening, then they may deny your claim.

Some of the ways they might believe you caused the accident include:


These are some common ways of victim-blaming, and a car accident attorney should immediately be brought in to represent your interests.

2. You Took Too Long To Do Anything About the Accident

It’s possible that after the accident, you decided not to call the authorities or you didn’t go to the doctor immediately. This makes it seem like you walked away from the accident and decided to ask for benefits later.

It’s important to immediately call the police and make a visit to the doctor. Their paperwork and evidence collection will help record the situation and process your claim later on.

3. The Issues Were Pre-Existing

In continuation of the previous point, the insurers could argue that you’re leveraging the accident to get benefits. They may claim that:

  • You already had the injury when the accident happened
  • Your car was damaged before the accident
  • You made up your mind to claim the insurance despite not suffering from damages

4. Your Damages Exceed the Policy

Every insurance policy has its limits, and your damages may exceed them. There are multiple ways a car accident attorney can help you approach a case such as this, including the insurance of the other party, your deductible limits, etc.

Additionally, the insurance policy’s language can be confusing, and there might be a technicality or an angle to the case that only your attorney may be able to catch.

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