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5 Most Common Kinds of Injuries in Accidents

The importance of road safety can never be underestimated, evidenced by the fact that car accidents are the leading cause of death worldwide among those aged 15–29. Most people who are in car accidents experience serious injuries that require long recovery times and emergency care. Although any type of injury can happen during a car accident, here are the five most common injuries.


A common injury that car accident victims ignore is whiplash. It causes severe neck strain, and in severe cases, can even tear neck muscles. Due to the sudden motion of your neck moving backward then forward during an accident, it puts a strain on your neck muscles. If left untreated, the pain gets progressively worse and leads to a decreased range of motion. Therefore, it’s essential to seek treatment immediately after an accident, even if you only feel mild pain and stiffness.

Back injuries

Back injuries are likely in a car crash as our spine is unable to handle the harsh impact of the accident. The worst part about serious back injuries is that they can have long-lasting impacts on your body, and even make daily tasks exhausting. As the condition of our spine impacts sensation, severe back injuries can lead to a disability. However, in some cases, the pain is only temporary and manageable with the help of painkillers.

5 Most Common Kinds of Injuries in Accidents

Leg injuries

As there’s restricted legroom when you’re driving or riding in a car, your legs are particularly vulnerable in a car accident. The force and impact of a car crash can cause mild to severe injuries ranging from fractures to ligament tears. These injuries can have a varying impact on the condition of your legs, in the long run depending on their severity. In some accidents, the condition of the leg is so disfigured that it can lead to a lifelong disability.

5 Most Common Kinds of Injuries in Accidents


The abrupt impact of an accident can often lead to a concussion. While the symptoms of a concussion take hours to appearsometimes, they can impact your ability to speak and see clearly. If you suspect that you have a concussion, it’s essential that you get an MRI or CT scan to confirm and take a break from stressful tasks.

Cuts and lacerations

Due to the broken glass and loose objects in the car, cuts and lacerations are a common injury during car accidents. These items can cut your skin and require medical attention. Although most cuts are not dangerous, stitches may be required when dealing with deep cuts and lacerations.

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