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4 Tactics Used by Insurance Companies to Manipulate Personal Injury Victims

Your insurance provider is never on your side; no one wants to lose their job, which is the very thing at risk for insurance company representatives if they give you payouts instead of receiving them. This is why you should always hire a personal injury lawyer before going to meet them, and maybe even take them with you.

Here is how your insurance provider might try to deceive you.

1. Moaning About Lawyer Fees

A good insurance adjuster would never tell you outright not to hire a personal injury attorney. They will beat about the topic by sounding sympathetic and informing you about lawyers’ hourly rates to stop you from hiring legal representation.

Here’s the thing: these ‘analysts’ want you to remain in the dark about the maximum payout you can receive, so they can get you to agree to a lower price bracket. For the sake of your medical care, do not listen to them.

2. Asking Permission to Record You

Many companies record conversations, so you might not sense foul when your insurance provider asks you to consent to a recorded meeting. They might even phrase it as company policy and inform you that they’ll be ‘monitoring’ this conversation instead of asking you.This is admissible—even damning—in the court of law, and they will manipulate it to deny you a payout. You are not legally required to agree to a recording, so shut them down to avoid becoming an easy target.

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3. Drawing Out Your Case

In the world of insurance, putting something off has unlimited benefits. As soon as you request a payout, the insurance company will look up that best-by date. They will, in turn, request multiple negotiations to try and lower the payout. However, their underlying motives are something else; they are waiting for the statute of limitations to run out so they can legally deny you your payout.

4. Beating You to a Settlement Offer

If you have just been in an accident that you haven’t recovered from enough to go around seeking legal recourse for, don’t be surprised when you receive a call from your insurance company asking after your health and trying to impose a payout of their choosing.

Tell them you want to take your time to assess the full extent of damage and how much they might cost you. The amount they offer might seem huge, but you’ll be surprised how fast it runs out.

First Order of Business: Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Little Rock

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