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Personal Injury Claims in Little Rock, AR

If you are like most, this is the first time you have been involved in an accident and you have many questions. Many times I have found the questions come too late and, as a result, the injured victim pays because his or her lack of information.  A personal injury claim necessitates adequate medical documentation.  As an Arkansas personal injury lawyer, I have found lack of information is one of the number one problems I encounter.

By now, you are receiving calls from the insurance company adjuster eager to ask you some questions and obtain a taped statement from you about the accident. The first thing that you should never forget is that the insurance company has virtually unlimited resources to carry out it’s main mission: to avoid paying you or pay you as little as possible.  As personal injury victim don’t be lulled into thinking the insurance company adjuster is your friend!  Contact Law Offices of Lisa Douglas to schedule your free consultation with an Arkansas personal injury lawyer.

Insurance Tactics

The insurance company may be asking you to sign a few forms so they can get your records and “handle everything for you.” The insurance company may have already proposed you settle your personal injury claim by offering you money. These types of offers are tempting, but BEWARE. Before you accept the money, the insurance company will require you to sign a release form. This form forever releases the insurance company and the driver who caused the wreck from any further obligation to you.  If you have a   personal injury due to a car wreck, you should be absolutely certain you are finished treating before you sign any forms.  Physical Therapy may be prescribed for your personal injury.

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“Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim”  written for Arkansas personal injury victims. Hopefully you will find it will give you some valuable information to consider on your own time BEFORE you hire an attorney and before you talk to the insurance company’s adjuster.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, this book is not intended to give legal advice and nothing in this book is legal advice. Obtaining this book from me does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. I do not sign up everyone who calls my office that has been involved in an accident.  This book is available free to Arkansas personal injury victims.

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